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Ladle preheating

The future is electric – not least when it comes to ladle preheating. As businesses around the world seek out safer, more efficient climate-smart solutions, electric heating is on the rise. So says Olivier Tanguy, Business Development Manager with Kanthal. Electric ladle preheating solutions

Nicolai Schaaf: Meet the visionary spearheading sustainability efforts at Kanthal

Sustainability manager, environmental impact, economic performance NICOLAI SCHAAF: MEET THE VISIONARY SPEARHEADING SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS AT KANTHAL As the driving force behind Kanthal's sustainability initiatives, Nicolai Schaaf’s role is instrumental in reducing the company’s

Strong demand for electric heating makes Kanthal expand its silicon carbide production capacity

electric heating, silicon carbide, production expansion STRONG DEMAND FOR ELECTRIC HEATING MAKES KANTHAL EXPAND ITS SILICON CARBIDE CAPACITY Kanthal expands its silicon carbide production capacity due to strong demand for electric heating Today producers of lithium-ion batteries, electronics

Electrification can rewire the path to a sustainable future for the Indian steel industry

ELECTRIFICATION CAN REWIRE THE PATH TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR THE INDIAN STEEL INDUSTRY The steel industry in India is a crucial component of the nation's economy. As the world's second-largest steel producer and soon to become the second-largest consumer, India carries a significant

Kanthal GmbH

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Cuprothal® 49TC

Cuprothal® 49 is a copper-nickel alloy (CuNi alloy) characterized by high electrical resistance, high ductility and good corrosion resistance. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 600°C (1110°F). Typical applications for Cuprothal® 49 TC are temperature-stable potentiometers,

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