Meet Marcus

He likes the atmosphere and the fact that people really support each other and stick together as a team. Meet Marcus Eckhardt, Field Sales Germany, who reveals that his first couple of weeks at Kanthal were really exhausting.

Not many people know this, but at Kanthal Germany new hires are always sent to production for the first two or three weeks. It’s almost like an internship to go around and see how the products are made. For me that meant I had to be there at 6 in the morning, so as you can imagine the first few weeks were exciting, and also very exhausting. But it was fun working there, meeting all the different people who make the elements. It really gave a great insight into the inner workings of the company.

When I came to my sales department there was a shortage of people, so they were really happy that I came and I had a warm welcome. I had a mentor assigned to me and I felt I could really ask him anything. You never felt like a burden.

When I look back, this goes for the whole company – everything does feel very friendly. People are really valued and there’s this warm atmosphere. It’s hard to describe, but it does manifest in measurable things. For example, we have a health day. It’s a day when the whole company goes to a sports field where we play games and do stuff together, which is very nice and fun.

Caption“I usually say I’m a sales person for electric heating elements for industrial applications.”

People were really happy that I came and I had a warm welcome.

Another thing is that some of people with leadership roles do what I think is called a loud leaving. They make sure that people hear them leave around 4 or 5, and are not staying online until 7 or 8, giving people the impression they have to do the same. Small things like that.

If I’m at a dinner and someone asks me what I do, I usually say I’m a sales person for electric heating elements for industrial applications. We supply heating for everything from a small tabletop furnace at a dentist’s office up to almost kilometer-long furnaces at a steel mill.

If I wanted to convince a friend from university to come work with us, I would say we’re a stable company in a growing industry with ever-growing demand. We work in an industry that helps reduce CO2 emissions, so you could say that we help make the world ready for the future. For the place where I work specifically it’s the team. We stick together and support each other to move forward together. Which I mean, when I hear my friends, it’s not the case at all workplaces. It’s not something you should take for granted. Here people really, across all departments, support each other.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here since I just started, but several of my colleagues have been here for 20, even 30 years. I also see a lot of colleagues that have switched departments, so there is a sideways mobility opportunity there.

But for now?

I’m fine where I’m at.

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Caption“In my spare time I like to cook, ski and I’ve started to run.”

About Marcus

Name: Marcus Eckhardt

Age: 28

Title: Field Sales

Kanthal facility: Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany

Started: February 2022

Hobbies: My dog, cooking, running.

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