Meet Mathilda

She’s a product engineer who’s just started her position at Kanthal. She likes the atmosphere that welcomes new ideas, even from a newbie. She also likes the fact that her colleagues put a smile on her face, every single day.

There has not been a single day without me laughing together with colleagues, and I mean, to the extent that I’m lost for words … almost crying. So yes, the atmosphere here is great, thanks to them.

We really are a team and we do things together. People really listen when I say something and want to try a new idea or way of doing things. For example, when I got the task to update a price list, I suggested we could automate the updating process instead of doing it manually. Everyone said yes, try it. And luckily it worked. That’s the kind of spirit we have.

This company culture is something I got a sense of during my interviews, that I would fit in, had something to bring to the table, and that people are just nice and seem to have a good time at work. Also, I got the feeling that we all are equally a part of the company and are important for production to run smoothly. That we’re creating something together. We work very closely and people are available. If I need to ask a question, I put my safety equipment on and go down to production and ask the operator.

Caption“I did some research on Kanthal and it ticked several of my boxes.”

We work very closely and people are available.

Before the recruiter contacted me, I had not heard of Kanthal. I did some research and it ticked several of my boxes. I like the fact that we are driving electrification. First, because it’s relevant for my educational background, but foremost, because of the many challenges the world is facing when it comes to climate change and use of resources.

The focus here on sustainability is not only on the technical side of things, but also on social values. This is a company that takes great responsibility and takes care of its employees. How? Just the fact that if your children need glasses, at Kanthal Sweden there is a fund to pay for them. For your child! That says a lot about a company.

Looking to the future, I’m sure I will stay here for a long time and continue to develop together with the company even more.

How long have I been here?

Three months.

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Caption“I’m sure I will stay here for a long time and continue to develop.”

About Mathilda

Name: Mathilda Cederbladh

Age: 26 years

Title: Product Engineer

Facility: Kanthal, Hallstahammar, Sweden

Started: June 2023

Hobbies: Knitting, walks in nature, hanging out with my family and dog.

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