The Kanthal program includes products for the manufacture of many types of glass, such as optical glass, float glass (flat glass), tempered glass, fiber glass, glass containers, and more.

Solar glass

The Kanthal program includes diffusion cassettes for the manufacturing of crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells (photovoltaic cells).

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Glass tempering

For electric heating in glass tempering furnaces, Kanthal can offer a full spectrum of different alloy grades, styles and designs, and can help glass manufacturers to develop a tailor-made solution that meets their specific needs.

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Display glass

The Kanthal program includes a range of products for the manufacturing of display glass (PDP glass and TFT glass), using both the float glass process and the fusion (downdraw) process.

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Float glass

The Kanthal program includes several types of silicon carbide heating elements for float baths for the manufacture of soda-lime flat glass for architectural, automotive and solar-glass applications.

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