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Published 13 Mar 2023

The electrification of heating processes is a smart way to reduce CO2 emissions from your steel production, while improving both efficiency and the work environment. At Green Steel World, Kanthal will show you what you can already do today.

Electrifying your furnace has never been easier

CaptionDilip Chandrasekaran, Business Development Manager, Kanthal.As one of the speakers at the Green Steel World Conference, Dilip Chandrasekaran, Kanthal Business Development Manager, will present benefits and advantages of electric heating in steelmaking processes. His presentation will cover:

  • How switching from gas heating to electric can effectively make heat treatment processes emissions-free.
  • How electric heating can deliver thermal efficiency of over 90 percent.
  • Why electric heaters offer effectively maintenance-free operation.
  • How electrification can reduce or remove CO2 emissions in a number of steel making processes.
  • Why electric heating technology is set to play an important role in the steel industry’s transition to a fossil fuel-free future.

Listen to Dilip Chandrasekaran, Kanthal Business Development Manager, at the Green Steel World Conference, on April 4, at 4-4:30 pm.

Meet three of our experts

Kanthal’s experts on electric heating technology are happy to discuss all the possibilities with electric heating during Green Steel World Expo. Here you can learn more about them in advance:

Olivier Tanguy - Key Account Manager

CaptionOlivier Tanguy, Key Account Manager, Kanthal.

“Did you know that electric heating reduces CO2 emissions and energy costs, while providing a safer and more pleasant environment for people?

“These days, with the steel industry aiming to accelerate decarbonization and cut CO2 emissions of 80-95 percent by 2050, electric heating can be part of the answer. Kanthal already has existing solutions that can help decarbonize steel processes, but it is also developing new megawatt solutions in partnership with steel producers and other stakeholders.

“Come talk to me at the Green Steel World Expo. I’m looking forward to discussing the electrification of the entire production chain, from DRI to final products.”

Malin Börjesson - Unit Manager Research & Development

CaptionMalin Börjesson, Unit Manager Research & Development, Kanthal.

“What is the best thing about electric heating? To me it’s the possibility to provide a cleaner world for future generations. With decarbonization as our common goal, I take pleasure in knowing that a large portion of the raw material used in Kanthal’s own steelworks is recycled scrap, including material that falls out of our own production line. It’s both environmentally and economically sustainable.

“I hope to meet you at the Green Steel World Expo to discuss your future needs and quality assurance, while my competent colleagues can tell you all about Kanthal’s interesting products and how they can help your production.”

Miles Cao - Global Product Manager High temperature tubes, Tubothal® and Bayonet heating elements

CaptionMiles Cao, Global Product Manager, Kanthal.

“If you are interested in radiant tubes and heating elements for continuous annealing and galvanizing lines or roller hearth furnaces used in the steel industry, please come and chat with me at the Green Steel World Expo.

“Kanthal offers products that benefit from unique materials and innovative designs, which provide reliability and performance that others cannot reach. Our proprietary materials such as Kanthal® APM and APMT give an edge when operating at high temperatures and corrosive environments. Our state-of-the-art product designs, such as Tubothal® and Kanthal® Flow Heater, push the boundaries for higher efficiency and processes that have not been previously possible.

“The best thing about electric heating is that it brings heatings operation to a new level while avoiding emissions. It improves safety, reduces maintenance needs, increases energy efficiency, and it’s very quiet to run.”

Visit our stand and see electric heating come to life

Electric heating is not a new-fangled trend. Kanthal has over 90 years of experience in the field and at Green Steel World you can experience the look and feel of our products inside a furnace. Although we can’t turn the heat on for real, we can assure you that our products meet the temperature requirements for heat treatment of steel.

We also invite you to try your knowledge in our quiz. For every submitted answer we donate 10 euros to WWF. Let’s care about the planet together!

You’ll find us at stand 24/D10 on April 4-5.

Green Steel World Expo & Conference

Essen, 4-5 April 2023

Bringing together green steel experts from the global market place in one place at one time, this unique event provides an excellent opportunity to meet with both manufacturers and users involved in the decarbonization journey for the steel industry.

Find Kanthal at stand 24/D10.

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