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Published 8 Jun 2023

How can electric heating decarbonize industrial heat treatment processes? At Thermprocess – the world’s biggest exhibition for innovative technologies for industrial thermoprocessing plants – Kanthal will showcase electric heating as a viable solution that industries can benefit from already today.

Dilip Chandrasekaran, Business Development Manager at KanthalFrom steel and aluminum to semiconductors and glass, many of the world’s industrial manufacturers are facing the challenges of reducing their CO2 emissions.

“In many industrial processes, electric heating can play a significant role when it comes to carbon reductions. By replacing conventional gas heating in heat treatment processes with electric, manufacturers can make significant savings in energy consumption and emissions. In fact, with the solutions available today, electric heating represents one of the fastest ways industrial manufacturers can have a meaningful impact on their carbon footprints,” says Robert Stål, CEO of Kanthal.”

Thermprocess will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany on 12-16 June, attracting around 7,000 visitors from 100 countries. As part of the event’s program, Dilip Chandrasekaran, Business Development Manager at Kanthal, will give a presentation on the benefits and advantages of electric heating. This will include an outline of some of the technical challenges and how they can be overcome, as well as some tangible examples of companies that have successfully switched from gas heating to electric. He will also address some of the misconceptions about electric heating. The presentation will be held at Thermprocess Forum, on June 14, at 4-4:30 pm.

Robert Stål, CEO of Kanthal“There is still a widespread belief that electric heating cannot deliver the power output and temperatures required for many industrial processes, but we have already proven that our electric heating solutions have no problems with this. There are many processes within steel manufacturing that can be electrified today and there are other processes that are close to being electrified with just some additional development work. We’re ready to work together with many other manufacturers going forward to help develop bespoke solutions to suit their needs,” says Dilip Chandrasekaran.

You can find the Kanthal team in Hall 10 at booth B72.