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Do electric furnaces need maintenance? Although minimal, yes indeed, and there are a few key things to think about. Together with Stephen Smee, our material expert Torbjörn walks us through everything you need to know about how to service an electric furnace to keep it hot and well for as long as possible.

Learn how to detect metallic element breakage, and what to consider about the shelf life of your heating elements.

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Key take-aways

  • Keep a stock of spare elements for replacement in the case of damages.
  • When replacing an element, replace all of them in your furnace at the same time.
  • Do not cycle – keep a steady temperature to prolong the furnace’s lifespan.
  • Kanthal® and other FeCrAl elements that reach their end of shelf life will break due to a lack of aluminum oxide on the surface.
  • Nikrothal® and other NiCr elements reach their end of shelf life when the chromium oxide on the surface is depleted, which will also lead to breakage.
  • Keep an eye on your elements to detect any white spots indicating metallic element damage.