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Are you curious to know how to make a coiled heating element, why nichrome is non-magnetic, or why the same heating wire can have different color?

Welcome into our element workshop where we meet Stephen Smee and Kanthal material expert, Torbjörn Frankén who walk us through everything you need to know about forming wires: How to form a 9.5 Kanthal® APM wire element, what to think about when forming a coiled heating element, and how to know the difference between Kanthal® (FeCrAl) and Nikrothal® (NiCr). Put short: DIY forming by the experts!

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Key takeaways:

  • Nichrome alloys form even easier than FeCrAl alloys.
  • No preheating is required but be sure to bring them both into room temperature one day before forming.
  • Check with a magnet if the wire is a FeCrAl.
  • Wire spinning can be dangerous once the end leaves the feeder. Take precautions!