Fibrothal® diffusion cassettes

In semiconductor manufacturing, linear temperature uniformity is pivotal for process results. The accuracy, response, and control of diffusion processes can hinge on a heat source. Our Fibrothal® light and heavy gauge diffusion cassettes can be tailored to meet specific demands. Light gauge cassettes provide crucial temperature control and response precision at lower processing temperatures. Heavy gauge cassettes offer consistent and reliable heating for diverse and higher-temperature applications. Fibrothal® diffusion cassettes improve semiconductor manufacturing with a mix of light and heavy elements in horizontal and vertical furnaces, enhancing performance and reliability.

Light gauge diffusion cassettes

Light gauge cassettes are composed of light gauge wires that are cold-formed into sinusoidal patterns or spring-type coils. Light gauge refers to the use of thin wires in the construction of cassettes. This configuration is crucial for precise and controlled diffusion of impurities into the semiconductor material.

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Heavy gauge diffusion cassettes

Heavy gauge cassettes are composed of a larger gauge resistance wire that is hot formed into a cylindrical shape and then insulated and encased. These cassettes can have varying numbers of zones and are designed to provide consistent and reliable heating in various applications. Hot coiled with specific and controlled power for inner diameter accuracy and reduced wire stress.

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Horizontal and vertical diffusion cassettes

The choice between horizontal and vertical furnaces depends on various factors, including the specific semiconductor manufacturing processes being employed and the goals of the fabrication facility. Each orientation has its advantages and disadvantages, and the selection may be influenced by factors such as wafer size, process requirements, and the overall manufacturing workflow.

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