Heavy gauge diffusion cassettes

Heavy gauge cassettes are composed of a larger gauge resistance wire that is formed into a cylindrical shape and then insulated and encased. These cassettes can have varying numbers of zones and are designed to provide consistent and reliable heating in various applications and coiled with specific inner diameter accuracy.

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A typical high-mass heater consists of:

  • Comb, interlocking, or standard ceramic spacers for wire separation and isolation.
  • Formed insulation or pre-fired vacuum-formed insulation for coil support and initial insulating layer.
  • Dry blanket fiber for designed insulation value and balanced compression.
  • Kanthal® strip material for power leads with ceramic lead locks for added strength and isolation.
  • Lead bend-backs are positioned to reduce heat loss.
  • Tooled vacuum-formed ceramic vestibule end insulators.
  • Varieties of thermocouple position clamps.


  • SST or aluminum exterior casings.
  • Kanthal® A1, AMR and APM wire.
    • Kanthal® A1 wire – up to 1,200°C (2192°F).
    • Kanthal® AMR wire – Up to 1,200°C (2192°F) heavy cycling.
    • Kanthal® APM wire – Up to 1,300°C (2372°F) long durations.