Kanthal® Super HT

Kanthal® Super HT is designed for a longer lifetime of small dimension elements in temperature cycling conditions. The hot strength and form stability is improved. The maximum operating temperature is 1830°C (3330°F), and the element is suitable for furnace temperatures between 1500–1750°C (2730–3180°F) approximately.

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The maximum operating temperature is 1830ºC (3330ºF), and the element is suitable for furnace temperatures between 1500-1750ºC (2730-3180ºF) approximately.

The special feature of Kanthal® Super HT is that the growth of the oxide layer - the glaze - is much reduced, compared to Kanthal® Super 1800 and Kanthal® Super 1900. A thin oxide layer results in a much-improved service life, because the tensions are reduced between the base material and the surrounding oxide, depending on the different thermal expansion coefficients.

This is of great importance, especially for elements of smaller dimensions used in cyclic conditions, where Kanthal® Super 1800 and 1900 elements may be damaged by "banding". The banding effect means that an element shatters into small pieces during thermal cycling. This is as a result of massive stresses between the oxide and the base material, once the oxide and the base material, once the oxide has grown to a sufficient thickness, and the strength of the oxide film exceeds that of the base material.

The new properties also include a better hot strength and form stability. Kanthal® Super HT offers rapid thermal cycling, which improves furnace productivity.


Kanthal® Super HT is used in laboratory and high-temperature process furnaces, and as a "problem solver" for productivity issues at high temperatures.

Typical applications

  • Sintering of zirconia implant

Special features

  • Lower oxidation rate
  • Thinner glaze layer
  • Longer life at high temperatures and when cycling
  • Less adhesion to fiber due to thinner glaze
  • Improved form stability
  • High purity - reduced iron
  • Standard and specially designed elements