Radiant tubes

Radiant tubes (radiation tubes) in Kanthal® APM and Kanthal® APMT iron-chromium-aluminium alloys (FeCrAl alloys) available as complete ready-to-install assemblies according to almost any customer specification.


Longer service life

Radiant tubes in Kanthal® APMT and Kanthal® APM FeCrAl alloys offer several advantages compared to ceramic tubes, silicon carbide tubes and nickel-chromium (NiCr) alloy-based tubes.

User benefits include superior resistance to, for example, carburization, thermal shock, sagging and distortion. This is due to the materials' excellent mechanical properties and their capability of forming a dense and adhesive oxide film that protects against corrosion and atmospheric attack.

The lifetime of radiant tubes in Kanthal® APMT and Kanthal® APM is often many times longer than that of NiCr alloy-based tubes.

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Superior power rating

Kanthal® APM and Kanthal® APMT FeCrAl-alloy radiant tubes combined with Tubothal® heating elements allow for higher power rating than any other metallic heating system available on the market.

Stock standard sizes for Kanthal® APM and Kanthal® APMT furnace tubes