Electric heating technology is about to change the way steel is made. It's clean, precise and quiet. Regardless of furnace or temperature requirement, Kanthal can offer an electric solution. Choose a process below and learn more about the benefits.

Car bottom furnaces for ingot heating

Through a combination of electric heating elements and fiber insulation, steel producers can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in car bottom furnaces, according to Tyke Johnson, Global Product Manager, Kanthal.

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Continuous furnaces

Whether it’s annealing and galvanizing lines or a roller hearth furnace, electric heating can make the process cleaner and more efficient, while greatly reducing maintenance and repairs.

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Ladle preheating

The future is electric – not least when it comes to ladle preheating. As businesses around the world seek out safer, more efficient climate-smart solutions, electric heating is on the rise. So says Olivier Tanguy, Business Development Manager with Kanthal.

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Pit furnaces for ingot heating

Electricity is the world’s fastest-growing form of energy. For producers of steel and other high-strength metals, transitioning from gas to electric heating in furnaces reduces energy consumption and improves the reliability of the industrial process.

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Tundish preheating

Electric solutions have never been more in demand – and word of their growing popularity has reached the metallurgy sector. When it comes to tundish preheating, electric heating solutions improve sustainability and energy efficiency, while minimizing material losses and interruptions.

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Walking beam furnaces for billet preheating

By using electric heating in walking beam furnaces, steel manufacturers can significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to preheat billets and reduce CO2 emissions to zero. The only real barrier, according to Sachin Pimpalnerkar, Global Product Manager, Kanthal, is a misconception about electric heating’s capabilities.

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