Nikrothal® TE nickel-chromium alloy

Nikrothal® TE is an austenitic nickel-chromium alloy developed as a replacement for Nikrothal® 80 in tubular element applications. Nikrothal® TE has a nickel content of 66%, compared to 78% for Nikrothal® 80. This gives a significant cost advantage, without technical disadvantages.

The graph shows the cost advantage for Nikrothal® TE compared to Nikrothal® 80 based on different nickel prices.

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Savings in $/kg for Nikrothal® TE compared to Nikrothal® 80

Redesign due to higher resistivity

Due to the higher resistivity of Nikrothal® TE the elements need to be redesigned. There are two alternatives for redesign:

1. Keep the same wire dimension

• Use approximately 10% shorter wire length
• Higher surface load on the wire – provides higher temperature

2. Keep the same wire length

• Use slightly (approx. 5%) larger wire diameter
• Lower surface load than for Nikrothal® 80 – means lower temperature and results in longer life

Additional cost savings

Additional cost savings can be made on Nikrothal® TE compared to Nikrothal® 80 facilitated by a weight reduction, because of 1–2% lower density of Nikrothal TE.

By using Nikrothal® TE the total savings compared to Nikrothal® 80 will be at least 10% or more depending on the application.

Material datasheet for Nikrothal® TE