Nickel-iron (NiFe) wire alloys

Nifethal® nickel-iron alloys in wire and ribbon (flat wire) form. More information about each type of resistance alloy and resistance heating alloy, such as chemical composition, is available in the datasheet for the respective grade.

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See also our complete list of alloys to compare different types of materials.

NiFe alloys
Max. continuous operating temp.
ºC (ºF)
Resistivity at 20ºC (68ºF)
Ω mm2/m (Ω/cmf)
Nifethal® 70 (wire) 600 (1110) 0.20 (120)
Nifethal® 52 (wire) 600 (1110) 0.43 (220)
Nifethal® 42 600 (1110) 0.63 (379)