O programa da Kanthal inclui produtos para a fabricação de diversos tipos de vidro, como vidro óptico, vidro float (vidro plano), vidro temperado, fibra de vidro, contêineres de vidro e muito mais.

Container glass

Whether it’s electric heating tailored for annealing lehrs or forehearth furnaces, Kanthal’s electric heating systems offer superior temperature control, a reduced carbon footprint and unparalleled efficiency. And with gas prices skyrocketing, there’s no reason not to go electric.

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Flat glass

With flat glass, precise temperature control, heating element longevity and reliability are key factors when choosing heating elements. Kanthal’s electric offer provides this, and with it comes a more quiet and clean work environment with significantly lower CO2 emissions.

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Foam glass

With its focus on recycling glass and turning it into insulation, the foam glass industry is already on the right path. Still, CO2 emissions are prominent because of the common use of gas burners which offers poor thermal efficiency at around 30 percent – compared to 90 percent thermal efficiency offered by Kanthal’s electric heating elements.

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Optical fibers

In the manufacturing of optical fiber, sintering is a key process where the heating solution utilized affects the quality of the end product. This is because sintering is done in a controlled atmosphere and having precise control over the heat input and temperature, which Kanthal’s electric heating solutions offer, is crucial to the quality of the optical fiber.

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