The Kanthal® portfolio includes products for both electrically heated furnaces and gas heated furnaces. We also provide Kanthal® Services expertise if you need additional engineering expertise or to optimise existing systems.

Annealing furnaces

We offer several products for annealing furnaces. The Kanthal program includes, for example, products for batch annealing furnaces, roller hearths and Continous Annealing Lines (CAL).

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Sintering furnaces

The Kanthal program includes products for several types of sintering furnaces, for example heating elements used in dental implant sintering furnaces.

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Carburizing furnaces

Our products are designed for extremely high temperatures and carbon potentials, contributing to maximized heat flux and reduction of process time, higher reliability and longer service life.

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Galvanizing furnaces

We offer several products for galvanizing furnaces. Our program includes products for continous annealing lines (CAL), continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) - including zinc baths - and for hot dip galvanizing baths.

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Case hardening

Whereas conventional case hardening causes gradual wear and tear, Kanthal® AF and Kanthal® APM radiant tubes have been proven to stand the test of time. Furthermore, the electrification of the case-hardening process reduces emissions and minimizes energy losses.

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