Efficient and sustainable heating processes are vital when the lithium-ion battery industry scales up production to meet the fast-growing demand. Kanthal’s electric heating technology increases energy efficiency and productivity, while reducing emissions of CO2 and NOx. Learn more about the benefits for your process needs.

Lithium refining

Electric heating technology helps reduce the environmental impact from lithium refining. It’s also energy efficient and productive, while providing a better working environment. Explore the benefits from Kanthal’s electric heating solutions for different processes below.

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Cathode and anode production

You’re already in a winning industry, but do you have the best solution? Meet the soaring demand for lithium-ion batteries with the right solution for your heating processes. Kanthal’s electric heating technology is efficient and long-lasting with minimal energy consumption. Explore the benefits for each heating process below.

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Lithium-ion battery recycling is a new and growing industry, with its processes still being refined and perfected. When it comes to finding the optimal heating element, the best approach is a custom-developed solution implemented early in the furnace’s design phase.

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