Multilayer ceramic capacitors

Manufacturing of multilayer ceramic capacitors requires several heat intensive processes. Casting, binding and sintering are common processes in this industry which pose their own challenges.

For Powder metal sintering and ferrite sintering, the furnace which material passes through is a reduced atmosphere free of oxygen. The Kanthal® Super ER grade of heating element is a top choice amongst manufacturers because it provides high furnace temperatures (over 1250°C), horizontal installation in the furnace roof, and no abnormal surface oxidation.

Horizontally installed ER elements can be recommended for applications both running in normal atmospheres as well as powder metallurgy applications or in applications with controlled atmospheres as described above.

In addition, we offer several other grades suitable for casting binding and sintering. Contact our specialist to see if our offering fits your MLCC processes.

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Kanthal® Super ER

Kanthal® Super ER is a new unique concept for heating elements, combining the features of alumina formers with the higher temperature of MoSi2 based heaters. These elements perform well up to 1580ºC (2875ºF) in oxidizing, inert and reducing atmospheres.

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Kanthal® Super RA

Kanthal® Super RA is specially designed to work in nitrogen at temperatures above 1250ºC (2280ºF). Other Kanthal Super molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements have an excellent lifetime in oxidizing atmospheres but, when operating in nitrogen, nitration occurs.

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