Kanthal® alloys are meticulously designed to provide high-performance solutions for electronic applications, especially in settings where simulating electrical loads and testing under various conditions are crucial. These precision-engineered alloys are available in forms such as wires, ribbons, and strips, making them ideal for use in load banks. They ensure devices can operate under full load conditions, evaluate battery systems, and help in heat testing to assess how devices perform under thermal stress.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors

Manufacturing of multilayer ceramic capacitors requires several heat intensive processes. Casting, binding and sintering are common processes in this industry which pose their own challenges.

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Kanthal® Alloys Empower Load Banks with Unrivaled Efficiency

Integrating seamlessly into various control systems, Kanthal® alloys facilitate optimal energy management and enhance the reliability of these systems under fluctuating conditions. Their robustness and adaptability make them indispensable in critical applications ranging from UPS systems testing to R&D for new electronic products. By enabling precise control and simulation of electrical loads, Kanthal® alloys contribute significantly to system optimization, offering a reliable solution that supports the ongoing innovation and stringent demands of the electronics industry.

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Circuit breakers

The copper nickel chemistry of our Cuprothal® product line is ideal for fuse and circuit breaker applications. Materials come in a range of resistivities to allow adjustment of circuit interruption at the load you require.

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Reed switches

Reed Switches are tiny magnetically operated switches used in many industries including Electronics and Communication (cell phones, PDA's, computers, copiers), Automotive, Appliances, Construction, Robotics and Toys.

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Drive Braking Resistor Technology with Kanthal® Alloys

Kanthal® alloys are crafted to suit a variety of resistor configurations, catering to the specific requirements of our clients in the electronics industry. Kanthal® alloys offer unparalleled efficiency and cutting-edge innovation in heat dissipation technologies, essential for dynamic braking systems that help in controlling the speed of motors during the deceleration phase. This is commonly seen in applications involving electric drives and motors, such as those found in electric vehicles, elevators, cranes, trains, and wind turbines.

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