Continuous furnaces

Whether it’s annealing and galvanizing lines or a roller hearth furnace, electric heating can make the process cleaner and more efficient, while greatly reducing maintenance and repairs.

The benefits of electric heating over gas in roller hearth furnaces

With furnaces operating 24 hours a day, having a stable process is crucial to the quality of the end product. With Kanthal Tubothal® metallic heating elements and a range of solutions for roller hearth furnaces, the power output is on par with gas and virtually all ofthe heat produced is being used inside of the furnace.

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A cleaner, quieter heating solution for annealing lines

Depending on temperature requirements and atmospheric conditions, Kanthal has a range of electric heating solutions for an emissions-free annealing process. Metallic elements go up to 1200°C, while Globar® Silicon carbide (SiC) and Kanthal® Super heating elements can handle temperatures up to 1850°C.

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The many benefits of electric heating in galvanizing lines

Aside from creating a better working environment, replacing gas heating with Kanthal’s electric solutions has superior temperature control which ensures consistent steel properties throughout the galvanizing line process. And by using renewable energy, the process effectively becomes emissions-free.

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