Kanthal APMT and Kanthal APM iron-chromium-aluminium alloys

Kanthal® APMT and Kanthal APM FeCrAl iron-chromium-aluminium alloys (FeCrAl alloys) offer several advantages when used in high-temperature construction parts compared to conventional nickel-chromium alloys (NiCr alloys).

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The advantages of Kanthal® APMT and Kanthal® APM FeCrAl alloys include superior resistance to, for example, oxidation, carburization and thermal shock. This is due to the materials' excellent mechanical properties and their capability of forming a cohesive oxide film that protects against corrosion and atmospheric attack.

The combination of high mechanical strength, improved hot strength and excellent oxidation properties results in following benefits:

  • Much better form stability
  • Good protection in most atmospheres, especially corrosive atmospheres
  • No scaling and impurities
  • Longer service life