Furnace systems for custom processes

Custom large-scale split shell high temperature heating systems for a variety of material processing applications, featuring typical operating temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F).

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The rotary system’s modular design allows for fast adaptation to varied sizes, with typical sizes of 18 meter (60 ft) in length and 3 meter (12 ft) in diameter. Lab/pilot scale are feasible. Similar heating assemblies applied to customer specific processes are also possible.


  • Mineral processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Drying calcination
  • Curing of plastics
  • Firing of porcelain
  • Firing of 3D printed parts
  • Hot stretch forming


  • Horizontal split shell heating systems for rotary kilns
  • Vertical split shell heating systems for chemical tank heating
  • High temperature pressure vessels
  • Custom drying ovens
  • Multi zoned split tube furnaces
  • Sintering furnaces
  • Horizontal and vertical retort furnaces
  • Heated doors