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Increased energy efficiency for renewable energy application

Get in touch Contact us Stay updated Subscribe Do you have an enquiry or just want to ask a question? Subscribe to our news to get more info like this! Designated CHyP process at Proton Power Inc., Lenoir City, Tennessee, USA By converting biomass waste materials, a custo­mer in the US

The future of heating technology is electric

Chandrasekaran sees the move from gas to electric for heating and heat treatment purposes as a general trend within many industries. “Industry is a very large CO2 emitter and wants to reduce its footprint,” he says. “When you burn something that contains carbon, you get carbon dioxide that you

Exploring the benefits of electric ladle preheating

The goal for Alabama Power and EPRI was to help the foundry find opportunities for energy efficiency and conservation. After testing several technologies, they chose an electric solution that delivered even more than expected. “The primary benefits of it are not only energy benefits but also


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Uso de casetes: Reducción de costes y menor huella de carbono

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