Cast house

As the molten aluminum takes its final form in the cast house, vast amounts of heat is required across various processes. By using electric heating instead of traditional gas burners, aluminum producers can significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Pre-heating transport and bath ladles

For aluminum producers, using electric heating to preheat transport and bath ladles will result in increased energy efficiency and lower costs, as well as reduced emissions and improved workplace safety.

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Holding and mixer furnace

When used in holding and mixer furnaces, gas heaters have proven to be inefficient and can drive up costs through increased dross production. Electric heating, by contrast, can significantly reduce these costs, as well as make the process far cleaner and quieter.

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Ingot and sow mold pre-heating

Whether small ingots or large sows, the efficient drying and preheating of molds is essential for workplace safety and productivity. The process is also a significant source of energy consumption and CO2 emissions – unless you switch to electric heating.

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Filter units

By preheating filters with electric heating rather than gas burners, aluminum producers can improve the overall efficiency and safety of the process, while also reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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