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Published 1 Jan 2021

Sandvik Thermal Process to rebrand its product portfolio as Kanthal® as of January 1, 2021. This change aims to further strengthen our product offer, customer service, brand and technology. Kanthal® is a world leading brand for products and services in industrial heating technology and resistance materials.

Sandvik Thermal Process, Inc. has been supplying original equipment and replacement heating elements to the semiconductor and related industries for the past forty-one (41) years. You will see various rebranding activities in the coming weeks. One imminent change is that Sandvik Thermal Process, Inc. will change its name to Kanthal Thermal Process, Inc.

For all our customer, this will allow us to strengthen our footprint in North America as well as execute on improved quality and lead time. If you have any question please contact our NAFTA Sales team, Kanthal, tel: +1 (704) 784-3001

Below you will find specifications for products that will go to market under the Kanthal® brand.

Fibrothal Modules


The Fibrothal heating modules operate in a range of applications from solar and semiconductor manufacturing to electrical heating processes.


Lightweight construction of Fibrothal® heating modules allows for low thermal mass and thermal conductivity due to the ceramic fiber. The simple design provides fast install, quick switching between different processes and easy replacement.

Primary Element Alloys: Kanthal® A-1, Kanthal APM™
Maximum Element Temperature: 1350°C (2460°F)
Power Rating: Up to 10kW per panel
Dimensions Custom fabricated to application requirements.

For more information, take a look at the Fibrothal® product page.

Heating Element Cassettes

Vertical VTR rotate.bmpApplications:

The vertical and horizontal heating elements are used in many different atmospheric and LPCVD thermal processes. This includes pyrogenic oxidation, liquid source deposition as well as silicon nitriding and polysilicon doping respectively.


Depending on furnace requirements, both element orientations can be designed to perform consistently for extended lifetimes to reduce maintenance and replacement time. With options for Energy Savings Elements or fast cooling, Kanthal heating elements will help you maximize performance.

Operating Temperature: 300°C -1100°C 600°C - 1250°C 800°C - 1350°C
Primary Element Material (horizontal & vertical): Kanthal® A-1, Kanthal® AMR & Kanthal APM™ Kanthal® A-1, Kanthal® AMR & Kanthal APM™ Kanthal APM™ & Kanthal APM™ HP
Dimensions: Flexible to application requirements
Considerations: Energy Saving Element, cycle time, water cooled requirements

Furnace Control Spike Thermocouple

Spike Thermocouples resized.BMPSpike thermocouples are critical temperature measurement devices used in horizontal and vertical heating elements for precise control over operation. Made from the highest quality material, these thermocouples are manufactured to original equipment specifications.

Thermocouple Material: Type R, S, B, K, Platinell II
Ceramic Diameters (in.): .1875, .125, .094
Junction Configuration: Single, double, triple
Termination: Bare wire, plug, lugs
Tip: Wedge, recessed, exposed

Furnace Insulation/Energy Kit

Blocks, Collars and Discs.jpgThe insulation used in process furnaces is crucial to ensuring the proper distribution and control of heat in the furnace. Our insulation is available in soft, hard and panel form for any size process tube to provide consistent insulation at the load and source ends of the furnace. The energy kit comprises tube collars and heat blocks and we also provide hard coated end blocks and tube supports for applications requiring reduced powdering and extended lifetime. Kanthal® also offers custom applications so please contact the factory and we can direct towards the best suited solutions.

Thermal Process Products

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