Globar® heating elements

Silicon carbide (SiC) electric heating elements for element temperatures up to 1625°C (2927°F), available in a wide variety of standard sizes and geometries, or in customized designs to meet the specific needs of various processes and equipment.

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Geometry information

  • Diameters from 10mm – 55mm
  • Hot zones up to 4.2m
  • Overall lengths from 100mm – 6m

Standard grades

Grade Description
Globar® SD Elements suitable for most applications in which silicon carbide elements are used. Globar® SD SiC heating elements feature hot zones of recrystallized silicon carbide, optimized for resistance to oxidation and common process gases. Available in rod or multi-leg designs.
Globar® AS A Dense recrystallised SiC material with approximately 20% porosity, a high Weibull modulus, much stronger than SD and our competitors’ products and particularly useful in applications that are cyclical, long span, or subject to strong mechanical vibration.
Globar® HD SiC heating elements designed for the most challenging applications where conventional silicon carbide elements are unsuitable. Globar® HD SiC heating elements feature hot zones of high density, low permeability, reaction-bonded silicon carbide, which is highly resistant to oxidation, and to chemical attack by process volatiles and reactive atmospheres. Available in rod or multi-leg designs.
Globar® SG and SR Tubular spiralled SiC elements made from Globar® HD material.


Element configuration

Type B: roof/lid heating orientation; limited space

Type U: Vertical or horizontal orientation; convenient connections

Type W: Float glass, standard; 3-phase element

Type SG: Spiral HZ, long life; aggressive applications

Type SR: Spiral HZ, long life; high temperature applications


Laboratory furnace
Annealing furnaces

Annealing furnaces

We offer several products for annealing furnaces. The Kanthal program includes, for example, products for batch annealing furnaces, roller hearths and Continous Annealing Lines (CAL).

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Sintering furnaces

Sintering furnaces

The Kanthal program includes products for several types of sintering furnaces, for example heating elements used in dental implant sintering furnaces.

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Melting, dosing and holding furnaces
Lithium-ion battery production

Lithium-ion battery production

The production of cathode material requires temperatures of around 800 to 1,000 degrees Celsius in the calcination process. Also, the manufacturing process has to be designed and controlled to ensure exceptionally high purity levels in the cathode materials.

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Waste incineration

Waste incineration

The Kanthal program includes several products for waste incineration. Our products are used in, for example:

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