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Terminals (resistance and weight data)

Kanthal® A-1 and Kanthal® APM Dimension, mm Resistance, Ω/m Weight, g/m 8 0.0288 357 10 0.0185 558 12 0.0128 803 16 0.0072 1428 20 (Kanthal® APM only) 0.0046 2231 30 (Kanthal® A-1 only) 0.0021 5019 39 (Kanthal® APM only) 0.0012 8922 Kanthal® D Dimension, mm Resistance,

Concerned about the challenges of electrification? Here’s how to tackle them

modern steel making process electric furnace steel making process energy efficiency steel heating steel with electricity Converting from gas to electric heating comes with many benefits – and some challenges. Kanthal’s expert shares his best take on how to best make the switch. Electrification

The steel industry’s electric pioneer is met with disbelief

modern steel making process energy efficiency steel heating steel with electricity steel manufacturing electrification steel production electrification sustainable steel production Steel producer Ovako is reaping the benefits of having electrified its heating processes for the past decade. “A

Kanthal GmbH

ee,lv,lt,pl PRODUCTION AND SALES OFFICE FOR: FURNACE PRODUCTS, HEATING MATERIALS polska@kanthal.com +49 6105 400 10 +49 6105 4001 888


Content: Kanthal® A, Kanthal® AF and Kanthal® AE Kanthal® D Alkrothal® Nikrothal® 80, Nikrothal® 60 and Nikrothal® 40 Cuprothal® 49 Kanthal® A, Kanthal® AF and Kanthal® AE Ribbon dimensions and properties Resistivity 1.39 Ω mm2/m (836 Ω/cmf).

Embedded element type

Content: Coils in grooved metal plates Cartridge elements, powder filled Heating cables and rope heaters Mica elements The wire in the embedded element type is completely surrounded by solid or granular insulating material. Metal sheathed tubular elements Kanthal® D is generally the best

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